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MG in Supreme

With over 1400 Members and 50 active Bethels, Minas Gerais is the largest jurisdiction in the world in terms of JDI members. With a Grand Council since April 8, 2000, Minas Gerais jurisdiction grows each day towards its greatest objective: forming young leaders and building a safe place for the constant knowledge and development of each of our active Daughters. Bringing with it the certainty that it is the unity of wagons that leads the train to success, we celebrate, in a practical way, 30 years of work with our international representation. And knowing that it is only the beginning, after all: "We don't give up because we like to see people who don't know each other hugging one another"

Laysla M.

Supreme Bethel Honored Queen

PHQ - Bethel #26 Montes Claros - MG
Lily of the Valey Award

A true artist. With a good and dreamy energy, Laysla not only sings, she enchants. Always

optimistic and inquisitive, she has always been inspired by the sky, bringing hope, dreams,

and inspiration. She invites us to contemplate the infinite and to reflect on our place in the

universe, after all: We are more than we are, we are one.

Beatriz Vichiatto

Supreme Marshal

Brazil Supreme Deputy
Royal Purple Degree

PHQ Bethel #06 Três Corações - MG


Like a typical woman from Minas Gerais, Mom Bea has never spared efforts to be a

welcoming person and is one of the main reasons why FJMG is what it is today.

Owner of the best advice and a "sister's shoulder," she has always taught us that more

than dreaming, we can achieve each of our dreams.


​​Ana Eliza V.

Oklahoma Supreme Bethel Representative

Member of Bethel #26 Montes Claros - MG

We would be nothing without our Daughters and the dedication of each one of them.

Ana Eliza always strives to participate and absorb everything that our organization

provides us, and she makes a point to document everything, after all, 'what the soul loves,

is eternal'.



Edson de Paula

Supreme Junior Custodian

PAG Bethel #46 São João Del Rei - MG


One of the main characteristics of a leader is to teach and prepare their followers to assume

their roles. One of the noblest characteristics of a leader is to know when to make room for

new people. In addition to being a source of knowledge and our Masonic heritage,

Dad Edson  as always been a great example of a leader and is one of the main mentors

of our leadership in Minas Gerais.

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